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Veterans depart for Korea to celebrrate 59th anniversary

Commonwealth veterans congregated together yesterday at Gapyeong, South Korea to commemorate an important Korean War 59 years ago, which they won. The veterans marched to the Canadian Korean War Memorial,which was the venue of the four day battle. AFP reports: 

Wearing purple or green berets and sporting blue grey or green uniforms decked with medals, some 30 Canadian veterans saluted solemnly in front of the monument engraved with a Canadian flag.

Scores of other Korean War veterans from Australia, New Zealand and Britain joined them in a moment of silence as a bugler played reveille for the lost souls.

“That was the biggest battle we were involved in,” Canadian Kim Reynolds, 83, said of the fighting in purchase metformin on line the rugged area 55 kilometres (35 miles) northeast of Seoul.

His platoon was on a ridge as another Canadian platoon on the next ridge came under attack from Chinese troops after sundown.

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