VA Mortgage Loan Checklist

You need to complete a number of requirements for your VA mortgaged loan to be processed smoothly. Here is a list of documents you will most likely have to submit:

– Your accumulated pay stubs for a whole month

– Your W-2’s for the last two years

– If you are a business owner or you’re self-employed, you should have your tax returns along with their corresponding schedules for the last two years. This requirement is also applicable if you’re on commission; if this is the case, you should have your rental income or dividend in hand, together with your tax returns.

– The contact details (address and phone number) of all your employers for the last two years.

– The contact details (address and phone number) of all your landlords for the last two years.

– A copy of your DD 214

– An Original VA Certificate of Eligibility. The said certificate serves as a proof that you are indeed qualified to avail of the VA home loan. If you don’t have your own certificate, you can easily get one by simply logging on the Web and downloading the certificate of eligibility from the government’s online form center.

Once you already have the downloaded document, print it out, sign the form completely, and finally send it to the address indicated. It is advisable to accomplish the task as soon as you can, since you need to wait until a month to have your certificate of eligibility. When you already have your own COE, you are bound to find that it’s considerably more convenient to get your loan processed.

It is also highly recommended that you have your VA loan pre-approved already. By doing so, you would find out how much you can actually avail, and this will in turn save your time, because then you will only be canvassing prospect houses within a certain price range. Furthermore, you will be more confident that your chances of getting your mortgage loan approved are quite high.

– Copies of social security, pension, and/or retirement award letter (if applicable)

– You bank statement for all your accounts for the last two months

– Explanation for any unsatisfactory credit (if applicable)

– Discharge and bankruptcy documents (if applicable)

– Divorce decree and settlement documents (if applicable)

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