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As one of the benefits to individuals who are either on active duty in the military, whether honorably discharged military staff or officers, or unmarried surviving spouses of veterans who were killed while on active duty, the United States Department of Veteran Affairs awards VA Home Loan Guaranty Program. More commonly referred to as simply VA home loan, this financial assistance is specifically structured to help qualified members in buying their very own house.

Certificate of Eligibility

One of the very first requirements that needs to be presented in order to be deemed qualify to avail the VA home loan is a completed Certificate of Eligibility. To be able to have the said certificate, an applicant must first fill out the VA Form 26-1880 Request for a Certificate of Eligibility. Once the form is completed, it must be turned over to the Winston-Salem Eligibility Center accompanied by a proof of military service.


In case you have already commissioned a lender, your lender can obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for you using the WEB LGY, which is an Internet-based application.

Multiple VA Loans

There are certain circumstances where availing multiple VA home loans are possible. You would need to inquire about the specific situations where it will apply, though. You can call you’re the VA office near you, or if you’re really interested to know it is best to make some time and inquire in person. Some of the general requirements of a multiple VA loan are paying off the initial property loan as well as getting additional authorization from the Winston-Salem Eligibility Center.

Service Requirements

This is very important to take note of. In order to be qualified for a VA loan program, the Department of Veteran Affairs require that all applicants must have completed not less than 90 days of active duty during wartime, and a minimum of 181 days of continuous active duty during peacetime. The discharged members, on the other hand, should have been discharged for any reason except dishonorable.

Loan Requirements

The VA financing program can only make a guarantee of up to 25 percent of the total amount of the loan.

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