New Jersey VA Home Loan

Right now is a great time to buy a new house in New Jersey with a VA Loan. If you are a qualified veteran, you can take advantage of the many benefits associated with a VA Home Loan. These benefits were put in place to make the entire loan process as easy, quick and affordable as possible for all veterans and their families.


When you apply for a VA Loan in New Jersey, you won’t be required to provide a down payment on the house. With a conventional loan, the lender may request up to 20% of the total cost of the house for a down payment which can get very expensive when looking at large family homes. Another great benefit that helps reduce your payments is you won’t have to pay private monthly mortgage insurance. This is because the VA guarantees a percentage of the loan up to 25%. This is how much your lender receives if you go into foreclosure. Other great benefits of a New Jersey VA Loan include minimal closing fees, flexible repayment options and easy refinancing.

How to Qualify

As a current member of the military, you must serve at least 181 days of regular active-duty service in order to qualify for a VA Loan in New Jersey. Veterans no longer in the military must have also served this amount of time and been discharged under honorable circumstances. If you fit the guidelines, you will need to submit an eligibility form to the VA which can be found on their website. Once you have been approved you will be sent a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) which you will need to give to your lender of choice.

Finding a Lender

Because the VA doesn’t issue the money itself, you will need to find a private lender to get your loan. You can choose between a savings & loans company, bank and a mortgage company as long as they participate in the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program.

To find out how much you can afford, fill out our secure online form today. It only takes a minute, and afterwards one of our VA specialists will contact you to see how we can help you start taking advantage of the great VA Loan benefits today!

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