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For veterans in the armed forces, and those rendering their valuable services in the US army by being the indomitable fortress of the nation, protecting the people, their homes and future, here is a golden chance for you to avail the services of VA loans if you are looking at owning a dream home in Atlanta. Whether, it is purchasing a house or building a new home, VA loans’ exclusive and exceptional services in Atlanta help you just achieve that!

You have varied home loan options to choose from and don’t have to go through the run-of-the-mill pre-requisites criteria before applying for a home loan. The VA loan application procedure has become simpler much in contrary to the prevalent misconceptions. Your eligibility as a VA loan applicant in the state of Atlanta would be defined by the following:

  • You should be entitled to the veteran privileges in the army. For e.g., as an active serviceman in the army, you should have served a minimum of 181 days regularly. But of course there are variations and exceptions to the rule.
  • The purpose for your loan should be valid, meaning to say that the loan finance should be applicable to a definite and legalized purpose
  • Your credit history should project an acceptable level of risks
  • Your family income should be sturdy and stable to be able to meet the expense of repaying loans, mortgage payments and also have the cushion finance to sustain the family needs

Get your home in Atlanta the easy way

After you get the certificate of eligibility from the authorities concerned, establishing your entitlement, you just have to choose a member of the VA loan guarantee program and start hunting for the house of your choice that lies within your budget. The best part about the VA loan program is:

  • The process is quick with no appraisals on your income or credit
  • Faster closing on in-home loan payments
  • Single package expense on your house. No down payment to pinch your pocket
  • You could also avail the facilities of the VA mortgage centre in Atlanta to mortgage your property and take a loan on it.
  • There are refinancing options available in case you want to extend your loan repayment period
  • Just as you have taken pride and shown dignity in serving the nation, we go a step further in serving you in the best possible way, through our VA loan advisors who will guide you from start to end for VA home loans.

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