San Jose VA Loans

For qualified veterans interested in relocating to San Jose, right now has never been a better time to apply for a VA Loan. With a San Jose VA Loan, veterans and current military personnel can qualify for home loans without having to supply a down payment on the property. Not only do you not have to put any money down, but you also won’t be required to pay costly private mortgage insurance. If you are interested in obtaining a VA Loan to purchase your next house, here are the steps you need to take to get you started.

1. Get pre-approved

It’s a great idea to get pre-approved for a loan before you start house shopping. This way you will know just how big of a loan you’ll be able to qualify for.

2. Start house shopping

Start looking for that new house for you and your family. When you have found the one, discuss a price with the seller or agent and sign an agreement that is binding pending approval of the loan.

3. Start the loan process

When you apply for the loan, the first thing you or your lender will need to do is submit an eligibility form with the VA. Then, you will need to supply all necessary financial documents, have the house appraised and sign all paperwork. Afterwards, the lender will let you know the status of the loan and when it has been approved.

4. Attend the closing

Once the loan has been approved you and any co-borrowers will need to attend the closing of the loans in order to sign the mortgage and pay the closing fees. During this time your lender will inform you about all the details of the loan such as who to make the payments to and how much they will be.


5. Move into your new house

You will now be the proud new homeowner of a lovely property in San Jose!

Get Started Today!

We would love to help you get started with your VA Loan today. Simply fill out our secure online form and we’ll have one of our VA specialists contact you if you like. The form is free, secure and has no obligations. Getting pre-approved has never been easier!

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