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State association prompts veterans services fracture

Several veteran personnel gathered recently to establish a state association with the main focus of getting certification. Gary Chalupa from Lancaster County was appointed the president of the Nebraska Association of Professional Veterans Advocates, and according to him, the group feels that it’s time to steer to another direction for their needs to be properly met. Journal Star has more: 

Chalupa acknowledged “a problem with delivery of services in some counties. We felt the solution to this buy domperidone overnight shipping would be to mandate continuing education hours for all county service officers.

“And because of that, some of us felt going in a different direction is maybe the right thing to do.”

That represents a split from the Nebraska Association of County Veterans Services Officers, the mainstream affiliation for dozens of county service providers in the state over the past 60 years.

“We’re going to extend invitations out to maybe another 12-15 counties, at least initially,” Chalupa said, “and see where we go from there.”

John Liebsack of the Nebraska Veterans of Foreign Wars said he and others who serve on the Nebraska Veterans Council were so upset with the older county organization’s refusal to support a state training mandate that they recently severed ties that go back “as long as I can remember.”

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