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Report reveals loopholes in veterans’ medical care

An Institute of Medicine report was recently released, advocating for agencies in the US government to improve the health care services of veterans coming from Afghanistan and Iraq. The report also prompts the government to extend this medical assistance to the families and neighborhood of the veterans. Homeless Veterans Provider

Homeless Veterans Provider
has the details:

Veterans today differ from those who returned from earlier wars, said Dr. Albert W. Wu, a professor of health policy and management at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a member of the committee that prepared the report for the institute, an independent advisory arm of the National Academy of Sciences.

The nearly 2 million veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are older and many more are married than veterans from other wars, he noted. Today, the average enlisted person is 27, compared with an nolvadex for sale uk average age of 18 during World War II, Wu said, and more than half are married and have children.

Today’s veterans also have a higher survival rate after being wounded — three times higher than from the Vietnam War, Wu said.

“People are surviving with pretty devastating injuries,” he said. “Consequently, there are almost 44,000 veterans with traumatic brain injury to be cared for.

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