Certificate Of Eligibility

Submitting the Form

In order to qualify for a VA Loan you must first acquire a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This can be done by submitting an eligibility form to the VA. The form can be downloaded from the VA‘s website and submitted either electronically through their website or through the mail.

As soon as you decide you want to buy a house with a VA Loan, fill out and submit this form first, as it can take up to four weeks to receive your certificate. If you have your COE with you when house shopping, it will help you save time processing your loan. Here are the requirements for eligibility:


Veterans who served 90 days during wartime in Korea, Vietnam, or WWII are eligible for a VA Loan so long as they were discharged under honorable circumstances. For veterans who served in these countries during peacetime prior to 1981, you must have completed 181 days of regular active-duty service and been honorably discharged in order to qualify.

Veterans who served 24 months of continuous active-duty service or the full period (at least 181 days) during the Gulf War, for which you were ordered or called to active duty and been discharged under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible for VA Loans.

Current Military Members

For current military members, you are eligible for a VA Loan after 181 days of regular active-duty service.

Selected Reserves and National Guard

If you are a member of the Selected Reserves or National Guard, you are eligible after having served a total of 6 years.


The un-remarried spouse of a veteran who died during combat or from a service-related injury may be qualified for a VA Loan. Spouses of veterans missing in action are also deemed eligible.

Allied Nations

Certain US citizens who served during WWII with an allied country may be eligible, as well as Individuals with service as members in certain organizations, such as Public Health Service officers, cadets at the United States Military, Air Force, or Coast Guard Academy, midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy, officers of National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, merchant seaman with WW II service and others.

Additional Rules

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In every circumstance, the veteran must have been discharged under anything other than dishonorable circumstances. There are some exceptions to the timeframes set up by the VA. For example, if you were discharged with less than 181 days of service for a service-connected disability you may be eligible. Individuals may also be eligible if they were released from active duty due to an involuntary reduction in force, certain medical conditions, or, in some instances for the convenience of the Government.

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VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
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